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Protecting the most significant investment you’ll ever make – Your Home.

Safeguard your biggest asset through Owner’s Title Insurance. We protect your home against title issues and make sure your property remains yours.

Our coverage defends against a variety of legal challenges, including property claims by past owners or their heirs, public record errors, seller’s outstanding liens against your property, pending legal action against the property, improperly recorded deeds, wills, or trusts, and even false documentation and claims against your title. We will pay your legal defense in the event of any of the above claims against the property.

Who pays for it and who is protected?

Our Owner’s Title Insurance protects the owners in regards to their property and land. For property lenders, our Lender’s Title Insurance covers the investment amount.

Some jurisdictions allow you to purchase both insurances for a smaller fee amount. A home buyer typically pays for the Lender’s and Owner’s Title Insurance, and most lenders mandate both types of insurance.

What happens if I don’t have Owner’s Title Insurance and someone makes a claim against my property?

The worst that could happen is losing the home to the claimant. In many cases, however, it could be the attachment of unpaid debts – usually taxes, child support, or contractor’s/mechanic’s liens against the home.

These may be attached to the home and tend to stick. Owner’s Title Insurance steps in to pay legal fees and protect your interest in the home as well as to ensure that any monetary attachments are recorded once discovered.

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